Review Notes For Birmingham Southern College Jan Term Class


Just finished teaching 6 classes for a Jan term Class at Birmingham Southern College. We have about Twelve Students not counting the Main Instructor Anita Huang. Anita’s Course Is called Explorations of Chi or Qi. For my part I will be teaching Chi Gung. Below is a basic outline of what we did during my time teaching.

Class Outline:

1. To set up foundations from New Forest Chi Gung® to build a language for each student to explore qualities and shapes of Chi. Learn the mnemonic of the 1-10; 1 fun, 2 shoe, 3 tree, 4 core ,5 alive , 6 thick, 7 heaven, 8 gate, 9 Shine and 10 spin. These are key words for remembering shapes of Chi. As well as the Stationary Chi Gung that supports each shape of Chi and how to engage the Mechanics of Breath.

2. Learn, play and engage Yin Fu Ching from numerous perspectives. “Yin Fu” is an esoteric Chinese phrase that means “Harmonizing the seen with the unseen.” “Ching” is a body of Knowledge. So a literal translation of “Yin Fu Ching” could be, A body of knowledge that Harmonizes the seen with the unseen. It is a Twelve Step Dance that sits at the very core of New Forest Way® Paradigm. With this exercise and the Chi Gung that goes alongside it, the students will have the beginnings of a language/system that they can use and engage, to explore and cultivate Chi (QI) for the rest of your lives.

3. Two Person Activities:Tui Sho and a few other to increase awareness by working with another human being. There are concepts and ideas that you just can’t learn by yourself.

4.  Play, Imagination, and Movement on a daily basis, is foundational for engaging yourself living life. With more creative engagement with chi, movement, and imagination, life becomes bigger, happier, more funny and relaxed every day.

5. Learn and play Silk Weavers #1. Ba Tuan Chin ( Eight Pieces of Brocade) is a foundational exercise in beginning to learn Chi Gung.

6. To learn to have a conversation with your authentic self. There is so much noise so much dissonance in day to day living from the non-ending noise of our culture; that it becomes important to have some tools for communicating and listening to your body/mind. These exercises blend movement, breath and imagination and are designed to begin a life long conversation with yourself. We played with some exercises from New Forest Water Boxing to deepen our conversation about Chi and finished class with a discussion about the importance of each person to have a conversation with their authentic self so that they can learn to listen to the greater conversation always going on around them.

I was proud of the class for hanging with me while we wondered through building an Chi based launguage and playing with movement that was unfamiliar to everyone. Hopefully everyone had a good time and left with some tools that they can use.  I have include some video notes on a couple of the exercises. For reference later on.

Some Links and resources:

Silk Weavers or Pa Tuan Chin (Eight Pieces of Brocade)

Yin Fu Ching

Helpful Books.

The Whole Heart of Tao

The Whole Heart of Zen

The Whole Heart of I-Ching

Mystique Poetica

Morning Cup of QiGong

Helpful Links in this Blog: ( They are all helpful but some apply more to this class )

Meditation #1,    Cultivation and the Internal Arts of Ancient China.,    10 Ways to Bring More Chi Gung Into Your Day.,   Playfulness,     On Daily Practice,  Non-local Leaps of Thought,    You can choose to be involved with things that promote a positive engagement with life, to go deeper into a moment, and be a part of life getting bigger , more funny, happier and more relaxed.,  Go Outside and Play.

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