A Basic Secret of The Universe

Pay Attention!

I am about to drop some serious Wisdom/Knowledge/Idea on your head!

A model for unlocking the secrets of the Universe. Microcosmic and Macrocosmic.

This model not only connects to everything inside of you but all that exists outside of you If such a dichotomy exists.

Some basic terms for this model first.


For Instance:

A Bridal (Typal) is a Type of Thing. There are lots of different things that can be called images-1.jpeg   Bridals.  (for instance this picture)

This is a Specific Bridal. It is a Picture of a specific Bridal. This particular Bridal only exists as pixels. However, if you were holding the bridal pictured it looks as if it is made from leather and metal. There is only one of them. It is Specific.

The Archetypal Bridal is about Leverage. The principal that energies are controlled, specified and modulated through effects of angulation. Whoa! Haha!

Why is this Important?  This is a fundamental flow in understanding the universe. An Oscillation of nature, of the Tao, and the building blocks of everything that exists. If you want to make an honest exploration of life any part of it you should find yourself constantly moving from Archetypal to typal to specifics and all of the combinations in between.

This is really not meant to be an intellectual exercise, as a matter of fact, it a blend of Objective, Subjective, and using the intuitive parts of yourself. Moving from concrete to abstract and then back to concrete and eventually having the process unfold naturally. It is hard at first because we as people like to get stuck in one area or another. We stop thinking too quickly.

Imagine Einstein riding the ray of light, pretty abstract, then finding all of the parts or types that that imagining rendered, then becoming more and more exact so that the process intuited could be explained by mathematics. And you have the Theory of Relativity. If he had stopped at any point it would not have been a full understanding. It was in the oscillation from the archetypal to the typal to the specific and back again.

Another way to engage this is to do what Steve Reich the Minimalist composer did to understand and communicate the horrors of the emotions of the people on the trains to Auschwitz. His composition ” Different Trains” goes from specific trains one in Germany one in America. Both are Trains but they are different trains both archetypally and profoundly different but the switching from the Typal to specific to archetypal the overall communication is absolutely terrifying and the oscillating understanding reveals more than the parts could ever achieve.

That is what I am talking about. That is the oscillating nature of perception becomes an unfolding process, an uncovering process.

If you ever wanted your world to become bigger, funnier, more amazing, more mysterious, every day so that wonder was a normal state of existence. This is the process.

Let’s say you are playing with Chi Gung. One of the main Ideas from Chi Gung or Qi Gung is the Archetypal concept of relaxing. That Archetypal (relax) is part of billions of things happening right now in the universe. Chi (Qi) Gung is concerned with the workings of the Human Body/Mind. Relaxing is a universal concept of health. Let’s give it a type, Call it One Fun.

One fun is about relaxing, The energetic concept is that of tension releasing. (That is The archtypal Image.)

The Typal it is imagining smiles moving down your body/mind and suggesting everything the smiles touch relaxes.

The specific smile that you use is up to you, it is important that you have a specific smile to get the full effect of the exercise. For instance, specific smiles I have used are my Sons smile, the smile from my girl or better half  when she sees me, I have even used the idea of chocolate pouring down my body. Many times I feel the smile on my face moving downward.

The Archetype is to actually encourage my body/mind to relax relasing tension all of the muscles and micro muscle from head to toes..

You inhale and see the specific smile, you exhale and feel the smile move downward. That is One Fun, It is about relaxing.

The point is this, moving from specific to typal to archetypal and all of the permutations completes the electric circuits of this larger concept that connects you the mystery of life. It is the oscillation that opens up the world to an endless and fascinating study. If you find you are not seeing the mystery of life this is how you fix it. You can’t get any more Meta than this!

So to Recap: The secret to understanding life and everything in it is to explore the Oscillation between the Archetypal, The Typal and The Specific and then everything you can perceive becomes a doorway.

The trick is to start to see where you are stuck. Which part do you hold onto to the detriment of seeing the amazing wonder that is life?


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