My name is Beau Gustafson. For nearly 30 years I have been on a long journey, learning how to pay attention. I have been a student and teacher, and I am still a student and teacher. This study has taken many forms. My daily practice is filled with arts that explore attention from many different paradigms. Seated and moving meditations from Taoist and Buddhist traditions as well as the uniquely American Tradition of the New Forest Arts all of which were taught to me by Sifu John Fey, the 12 Generation Successor to the Lam Loong Pac (Blue Dragon) Lineage. These arts are so very detailed in their guidance and explorations that one could spend a lifetime in the study of each. I am very aware that anything that I write is only a minute investigation into a little aspect of each art that I happen to play from day to day. Some of the Arts that I will be writing about are Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Hsing I, Li Ho Pa Fa ( Water boxing), Da Cheng, New Forest Paradigm, Norther Shaolin Kung Fu, Ching Shen Nui Gung, Buddhist Meditation from the Chan Tradition, and Taoist Meditation. There will be some basic instructions, but mostly this site is about the process of engaging these contemplative arts, ideas, and explorations into using the body/mind as the focus of contemplation. Practitioners of internal arts were far more interested in exploring how this body/mind works than they were about learning how to trash bozos. All in an effort, to protect our essential human nature. The doom of mankind is that we forget, and each and every art explores the body/mind from a different window, a different paradigm. One is no better than the rest, but each Art has its uniqueness of perspective that yields a greater understanding of a different aspect of humanity.My hope is that, in my ramblings, something will be added to the continuing sea of human knowledge that is not only helpful to the practitioners of these arts but to the lay readers just wanting to gain some insights on how it applies to living everyday life. Each of us, have unexplored wonders within us, and the people who have come before me who played and created these arts discovered wonders that they knew would be worth preserving. On this site, you will find road maps and approaches to get to these hidden places that exist within us all.

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