10 Ways to Bring More Chi Gung Into Your Day.

IMG_9249The New Forest® Paradigm  created by Sifu John Fey though very complex in its large overview is extremely simple to remember when you look at the individual parts that go to make it up. At its heart is the assertion that as human beings we are far more alike than different.  Mystic and Yogic Traditions around the world are far more alike  than different.

Here are 10 similarities or modes of engagement with your Body/Mind that span the breadth of the Internal arts.  But first, you should memorize a little Mnemonic so that you can have quick access to the information. 

Here we go: ( say aloud to get it into your head)

1 Fun, 2 Shoe, 3 Tree, 4 Core, 5 Alive, 6 Thick, 7 Heaven, 8 Gate, 9 Shine, 10 Spin

Ok, so now that you have this memorized ( really memorize it!!! ) These numbers can be used to bring your attention back to whatever activity you happen to be doing, or as a way to look inside and cultivate a new way of engaging yourself.  Though deceptively simple each number is a doorway that every time you engage  it will change and deepen.  It is a way of engaging a much larger part of yourself quickly. You can just pick one, you can go in order, you can jump around to different numbers. You can spend all day thinking about 1 of the numbers. This is a sample of my day every day. It has only become more interesting over last 30 years. As a side note: These Are the secrets of the Internal Arts.  25 years from now there is a good chance you will say to yourself, (1Fun)  Relaxing is very profound!

Here are  the adjustments to bring more Chi Gung to your day. Though I could go more in-depth with each and every one of them. This is the simple core idea.All you have to do is engage the image. Engaging the image begins to move chi. Keep it light and easy. Nothing is gained by over focus.

1 Fun:  Bring fun to what you are doing, Imagine smiles running down and thru your Body/Mind (Front, Center and Back), You can say to yourself ” I am Relaxed, Alert and Aware”.

2 Shoe: Feel your connection to the planet, Feel as if whatever part is touching the earth has a good connection. say to yourself “Feel the Ground!”

3 Tree:  Imagine you are a tree with big roots 2 to 3 times your height and into the ground. Say to yourself “Sink My Roots!”

4 Core: Feel a spot 3 1/2 inches below your belly button and inward being full of potential energy like a Fire Hydrant or a spinning metal ball. Say to yourself: “Gather Strength around my Core!”

5 Alive: Feel like you have water shooting out of your arms and legs coming from that 4 core, like firehoses turning on. Say to yourself ” Extend Chi through Legs and Arms!

6 Thick: Feel the air around you, like you are up to your neck in warm water or Black Strap Molasses. Say to yourself ” Feel the air!”

7 Heaven: Feel a light and sensitive energy gathering at the crown of your head, as if you are being drawn upward by a magnet upward. Say to yourself ” Feel the Sky!”

8 Gate: Feel as if every time you inhale you bring in balanced energy from your surroundings from every part of your body/mind. Say to yourself ” Absorb the Chi!”

9 Shine: Feel as if you are shining outward in every direction like a great big “you shaped” lightbulb. Say to yourself ” Exude Positive Energy!”

10 Spin: Lightly, let yourself bounce around the other nine numbers. It is a skill called Focus and Forget. You focus on one number , forget it then focus on the next number. Kind of like a juggler spinning 10 plates focusing on keeping them all spinning and not letting any drop. Each plate being  one of the ideas above and lightly touching each with your imagination. Say to yourself “Focus and Forget”.


Any person engaged in Yoga, Meditation,Prayer, or any other kind of mindfulness can use these 10 to go more deeply into the moment. I have never found an activity where playing these 10 ways of engaging myself didn’t help. So if you want to bring some Chi Gung (QiGong) into your daily life here are 10 steps.  If you would like more of an intro, here is a quick book on the subject by Sifu Fey. Morning Cup of QiGong. Remember this is just one doorway into Chi Gung, More refined imagery and more movement that supports the Imagery, and supports specific Chi flow, however, these ten are a great way into bringing Chi Gung into your daily routines.






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