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Screenshot 2018-08-22 15.09.37.pngThis is a good all around practice sword and I have seen people successfully wander through Tai Chi sets as well as some Hsing-I and Pa Kua sets with it.






I use these different toned bells to remind me to begin to clear my mind before during and at the end of my meditation. I like to ring it 3 times just before begining the heart of my meditation, then once or twice during the meditation depending upon how long a session. In a group someone would be tasked with doing this for others as I often meditate by myself I will pick 3 or so times and ring the bowl then follow the sond until I cannot hear it any longer, It comes from the void and returns back into the void and I follow it there.
I have really liked this cushion. I have been using it every morning for the last month and it is comfortable, provides a solid yet forgiving seat and once to find your position you are good to go with very little movement from the cusion itself due to the buckwheat filling.