Seated Meditation Video: Calm/Relaxed

Screenshot 2020-03-24 13.25.06Guided Seated Meditation Video Calm/Relaxed

This Meditation is from Gautama’s Anāpānasati Sutta great mindfulness of breath meditation. It is a staple of mindfulness meditations and one I have practiced frequently over these many years. It is simple to get the hang of and is a meditation that can be done every day for 10, 20, 30, or more minutes a day. No matter what your beliefs, what your age, or your health, it is a great daily meditation that has been done by millions of people over the millennia. Once you learn to find your meditative seat(holding the posture is a part of the meditation activity), you can learn the focus of the Meditation quickly so that you can play this on your own without me talking you through it. That is the ultimate goal here for the meditator to engage their minds and learn how to bring themselves back from a distracted state to one of paying attention. You can do this from a seated position or in a chair. Be patient with yourselves; it takes a little time to become acquainted with how to deal with distractions. The act of bringing yourself back from a distracted state clears up consciousness. The calm and relaxed image keeps you nice and relaxed while you are bringing your mind back to the activity.


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