Music Meditation #1 and #2

shutterstock_647455138Every once in awhile it is good to shake up the meditation routine. This week’s experimentation is with a few musical meditations. I am devoting an hour a day though the piece of music really dictates the length of time you will be active.

Ok so the hardest part of this meditation for me is picking the piece of music though really it shouldn’t be as any piece of music will do. I have limited it to instrumentals for the time being.

Here are the pieces I have played so far:

Incantation and Dance by John Barnes Chance 7:26

Powaquatsi By Philip Glass 1 hour or so

Music for 18 by Steve Riech 1 hour or so

Chaconne in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach   15:50

Delirium By Eberhard Weber  5:30 the whole album is great too.

Dessert Island Recording of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan this one is pure joy.

Nana Vasconcelos fragments from a modern tradition 1997

Recomposed by Max Richter

The Koln Concert by Keith Jarrett

These are what I have listened to this week 45 min to an hour in the morning and 45 min to an hour in the evening.

Anyway, there are thousands of ways to go with this one the most important thing is to choose 1 or more depending upon the time you have to play.

Sound Meditation #1 (turn off all possibly distracting gadgets)

1.Sit in a comfortable chair

2.Take a moment to calm down and watch your breath for a couple of minutes

3. Remind yourself that you are about to listen. Listen to the music. Everytime you have a thought other than the music you remind yourself to listen, and bring yourself back to the experience. Any distraction other than listening bring yourself back to listening.

4. Do your best to open yourself up to the music and the experience of listening. Listen to every note every breath, every phrase. As much as you are able given your current level of ability, get lost in the sound.

5.Sit quietly in silence at the end of the meditation and watch your breath.

Meditation #2 a little more active.

This one is done standing.

  1. You are the conductor. (why should they have all of the fun?)
  2. stand quietly and watch your breath.
  3. When it is time to conduct the Sympnony or the Band act as if it couldn’t be done without your effort your motion and effort is part of the music. Begin the music and conduct. make it up as you go along.
  4. You may have to play this piece several times to get the hang of the music.
  5. Be creative, engage the music.
  6. After the music is done, stand in silence watching your breath, listen to the silence.

These meditations for me this week have been profound. I like both of them differently. When I am not moving the music washes over me and carries me away. When I am conducting it feels as if I am inside of the music I become part of the experience of it existing.

It doesn’t seem to stop when the music is done either. I have noticed a deepening of experience with everything from hearing people talking to the different sounds of living in the city we have learned to tune out.

Remember Music is Very  Powerful…

This activity may open doors you were not expecting.

Be gentle with yourself. Have Fun!


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