Go Outside and Play.

This morning I went and GCZG0853played on the roof of my building. I am embarrassed by the lack of frequency that I get out and play outside. Do I know better? Yep! Do I know the benefits of  being out in a natural place how it all feeds into the arts that I play? Yep… Do I know that any of the Arts I play were designed to be played outdoors? Sigh… Yep. I have no good explanation, except that I have been in a rut.  I get up, roll out of bed and it just seems more expedient to sit on my cushions and the not have to go anywhere else to play.

We all get busy, we get into ruts just to get done all of the different things done, that we not only have to do but like to do.  The list is a large one here and it spans pretty much all of the things we can do, everything can fall into the rut of expedience, familiarity, fatigue, and not being aware  we are in a rut.

Earlier this week, since I noticed ( here is my post from a few days ago) the tell tale signs of lots of circular thinking, Monkey mind, over focusing, and a general malaise setting in, I have been making and effort to shift things up.  Taking a look at some of the habits that seem to be filling my days, and each and every day  making a choice to make a different choice. I shifted my diet,  I have been taking some walks in the woods, I have moved my playtime to the rooftop,  and not only with outward actions but also with my general way of addressing the world. Refer to my previous post about keeping things light.

Slowly but surely, I am starting to remember things that I have previously discovered, but just forgotten that I know.  It reminds me of the phrase that is used just about every class when we do our final meditation.

” Think about all of the things that you have done this morning/evening. Remember that we can’t teach you anything you don’t already know. All we can do is hand you a few keys, knock down a few doors. That we know work.  All so that you can get at what is already inside. Think about your Tan Tien ( 4 core) , that place 3 1/2 inches below your belly button and inward whenever you can, and remember that you did great.”

Our body/minds are vast, and to navigate through our lives we can forget things that we already know, that though they may not serve to make money, take care of the kids, deal with traffic, do the laundry, there are simple things we can do to expand the quality of our lives. For me today it was as simple as going to play outside and seeing the vastness of the world around me.



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