On Keeping it Light

One of the hall mark’s of Zen and Taoist training is the idea that you both have to treat what you are learning as the most important thing in the world and that it is the biggest (and Funniest) joke ever played upon humanity. Another way to say this is that you try and balance spiritual urgency with a relaxed motivation. Let’s face it, it is easy after you start getting into the grove of anything, to want that groove to continue well past the time it has started to change or wane. How do people as a whole tend to want to deal with this? The knuckle down, push harder, get more and more serious, bring less and less play.  Then they begin to get mired in a morass of their own making. Where everything begins to get heavy and bogged down.

So what’s to be done about the situation?  Keep it light. Lighten up. Change the ways you engage your activity. Change the ways you think about engaging the activity. Become more childlike, and playful. Let it flow, change and transform.  Look at things from a different point of view. I have heard it said many times , that if you are suffering it is because you refuse to give up your position.

I am often referring to Sifu Fey’s Whole Heart of Tao, for information as to how to play Tai Chi, How to engage Meditation, both stationary and moving and within the words. It can be talking about anything that we can do as well. To engage life as if you flow like water.   Look at the video up above. It flows and changes, compresses releases, moves to the lowest point, around obstacles, it flows.

In essence , what I am getting at is a fluid engagement of balance and and holding your quality of engagement  in an activity as part of the process, finding that state of perfectly strung. If you are over-focusing, it is time to lighten up,  be more playful and lighter of spirit. There will come a day when you, can swing the other way and be too distracted with too little focus not concerned enough with the details and they will become mired and unmoving as well. So you strive for focused clarity.  It is a balance, that can be found in small moments or over a broader time scale. It is truly the art of living life.

All to often we think about the task that we are doing without thinking about how we are engaging the task. In essence we forget that our body/minds are part of the puzzle.  So your task this week is to think of your interaction as part of getting things done. Am I over focused? too tense? am I not paying enough attention? Am I not having any fun with the task? Then bring a little balance to the task. Most likely lightening up with become a common theme!


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