Silk Weavers Exercise #1

Ba Tuan Chin, Pa Tuan Chin, 8 pieces of Brocade, the weaving of the eight silken form or Silk Weaver’s exercise is an exercise that mimics the movement inside of an ancient Chinese silk loom.  The basic idea is to fashion in your movements to be slow, smooth and continuous as if you were weaving silk.  Silk weaver exercise strengthens the muscles and tendons of the body and is often used as a general warm-up for more difficult forms of movement.  In my experience from the last 30 years, it is a great way to smooth out your perception of the world around you as well as how you are moving physically. For this reason, many schools including ours use one of these exercises pretty much every class.  I also use this in my own practice so I have done this exercise thousands of times over the years. Yes, it is that good for you. It is simple direct and easy to play even when life is not.

Generally, the breathing exhales are done with outward or twisting movements, and inhales are done with inward and unwinding motions. Breathing should not be forced or rushed and should be what motion is tied to and not the other way around.

This can be done standing, seated, or laying down.

  1. You play the form once physically, 
  2. then you close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the activity,
  3. then play the form once again physically.    That is one round of a traditional playing of this form.


The form in the video above was not done mirror image so just remember to start the movements with the right side.


I hope you enjoy. remember that you can play this several times through. you can just play the activity physically, or you can just play it once.  There have been many times over the years especially during stressful times that this has been all I played for 1-2 hours. I have never felt better than after extended silk weavers play.


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