The Goose Flying Away from the Flock

My morning Hsing I location. Just perfect.

It has been a little while since my last post.  It is not that I haven’t been busy with all of the arts nearly everyday. It is funny but, I couldn’t find any words… Instead of writing from a place forced and inauthentic I decided, for once,  to wait until the words came back. Ha! It took awhile! However, Some started to find their way back into my head today. I will be changing the format slightly and the posts will be shorter and a little more consise. We shall see how long that lasts. But that is the goal.


Break Away from the flock.


There is mythology surrounding people who go off on their own, away from friends, family, and home to discover something new about themselves, their community, and how they fit in the greater picture of life. The heros journey, a goose flying away from the flock, the lone wolf, the hermit, the vision quest. As with most archetypes they speak directly to us right now and common problems with being human and living in other groups of humans. This problem is old as dirt.


Several months ago, I started seated meditation 2 times a day. I must admit I had been a failure at this for many years.  I finally decided to look at the problem and why such a fulfilling activity was so difficult. I have been able to engage my morning meditation once a day in one form or another for years in the early hours before the day got rolling. Somehow though I could not break away for even 15 minutes to sit and Meditate during the day.  I suspect it is one of the problems everyone has experienced.  It is hard to break away from the collective consciousness and momentum of ourselves and our community.


Needless to say, because everyone is aquainted with the stories and myths, to break away from your own thinking and the momentum of your culture from time to time yields a greater understanding of yourself and your neighbors. Not only that, but the health benefits of Meditation, moving or seated,  foster a feeling of being more relaxed , alert and aware.


It is not difficult, you just have to remember. Turn off the T.V., the internet, your phones, and withdraw from the clutter of noise created by yourself and your culture.  Meditate. This one idea changed my ability to disengage and meditate right in the middle of my day. A simple phase: “time to break away from the flock”.


So go break away from the flock. There are things you can only see from this vantage point. Not only will it help you, but it will also help your community as you go into the world more clear and relaxed.





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