Navigating States of Consciousness

DLXD8487In class, this morning, we playing with Da Cheng as we usually do on Wednesday mornings. Even after all of these years of engaging these arts and different states of awareness and consciousness, I noticed a small apprehension as I surrendered one state of awareness for another. I know there are many names for this in-between state, some mystics, and traditions  have even created ways of lengthening the time and awareness of the in-between states of consciousness knowing that there is a great deal to understand/intuit within these in-between states.

Moving through different states is a very common experience. The state between sleeping and being awake for instance, being in a work mode or family mode, moving from an introspective state of mind to looking outward.  It is something that we all do.  When you are involved in meditation, whether moving or seated, there is a time, that you sacrifice one state of awareness for another, that is not only necessary but is kind of the point.

That in-between state can be a little uneasy because you are changing. It can range from downright fear to excitement to being uncomfortable. Some states of mind, are very specific. Such as learning to relax, and specific qualities of relaxation.  Da Cheng is about relaxation, because Chi (Qi) doesn’t like to move through tension, and if you recall from earlier posts Da Cheng is about a free and unrestricted flow of chi throughout the body. I am reminded of the kids game where you get inside of a door jam  and push out to the sides for 2 or so minutes and then try and let your arms relax. Ugg, going from the state of tension to being relaxed is uncomfortable, it is even hard to let your arms down!

It is not unusual that people live with amazing amounts of tension, great portions of their lives.  Learning to relax out of that tension (even though it requires so much less energy to support) is painful, or uncomfortable. It requires an investment of time,  effort and patience to let it change. One of the pitfalls to shifting is quitting too soon.  Just when you are starting to settle down, the part of you scared of change exerts itself and makes a decision to quit.  You won’t have to look too hard to find this, in all areas of your life. Working on problems in relationships, to trying to go to sleep, learning to meditate, learning to relax, learning a new skill, understanding something about yourself, any change requires that you let the change take its course, and surrendering to the time it requires to change. Patience, Patience, Patience. Life is about growth, and to keep growing in any area of your life requires evolution and change, from the macro to the micro.

What I noticed this morning is this:  First you have to make a sacrifice where you are, in all of its comfort and familiarity.  Then, you surrender to the process of change and all the new state of mind has to offer. This takes courage, bravery, patience, discipline, fortitude, and last and probably the most important, a sense of play.  This is the way to make your life, happier , healthier, and funnier each and every day. So shine a little light on how you change, what you would like to change, what is changing, and then sacrifice your place of comfort, and step into a place of surrender giving into the fullness of  the time and awareness  the process needs.



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