If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. – Will Rogers

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From time to time I catch myself in the task of solving problems, truth be known it is pretty well a state of being. I have a problem, I analyze it, I find some skill I am missing, practice, practice, practice and try to apply the practice to whatever it is the Problem may be.  As the saying goes “if you are a hammer everything becomes a nail”.  I think there is a psychological madness that comes along with this way of engaging life. There are a whole lot of problems to solve and never enough time to address them all. They just seem to multiply!


Recently I have been playing a lot of Da Mo’s 18, Muscle Change Classic, and Bone Marrow Washing along with a regular seated meditation schedule.   I have been going back to the origins of Chan or Zen. Back to the original practice of the Bodhidharma (Po-De Da Mo or just Da Mo) Needless to say it has some pretty mystical roots. For further reading find a copy of The Whole Heart of Zen.  For me, this activity it is has started to reveal the conundrum of looking for problems to solve or to fix.


So what’s a Good Esoteric Buddhist to do with this revelation. Do I keep digging the hole and look at everything as a problem to be fixed and produce more and more problems? Or do I quit digging the hole deeper and engage life and everything  I encounter for the sheer joy of engaging or paying attention?

Photographer,Entrepreneur, Father and Teacher of Traditional Health Arts from Denver Colorado, now living and working in Birmingham , Alabama with my better half Holly Dikeman.

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